#SaveCTRestaurants with LJR Images

Through the eye of a camera and with the support of volunteers, we'll share the people and ambience of our local restaurants as they power through the pandemic.


Images are added to these galleries as we go.

RESTAURANTS can request and schedule a quick photo shoot here:

Restaurants can also  reach out with questions and inquiries:

Cindy Ringer



@LJRImages on Facebook and Instagram

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook to make tagging easier - https://www.facebook.com/cindy.ringer.3

NOMINATE your favorite restaurant

It could be your own!

After the initial round of quick photo shoots, LJR Images will give away one full business branding photo shoot to a lucky restaurant. 

Watch for this in the spring of 2021.

Message to shoreline CT restaurants:

Hello from Cindy at LJR Images! I’m a small business owner, like you. As a portrait photographer, I’m entering what is likely to be a slow time in my business through January 2021. I want to donate this available time to shoreline restaurants with a mission to #SaveCTRestaurants. My goal is to visit MANY shoreline restaurants for very quick photo shoots to create images you can use in your marketing. If you’re with me, we’ll schedule a 10 minute photo shoot that captures some key people in your restaurant, both inside and outside. I’ll cull and edit these images before delivering them to you. You can use them as often and wherever you’d like, preferably with a simple photo credit when you do. I’ll also work with a volunteer to post the images on my website and my Facebook and Instagram pages, tagging you and your restaurant. We’re working on ways to monetize this for the restaurants as well, by encouraging gift certificate purchases, online ordering, and gifting to frontline workers.

It’s possible the logistics, workflow and benefits will evolve as this gets started, but the outline above captures the essence, so let’s just go with it! I hope to keep the quick photo shoots going through the month of January.

How to prepare for the quick shoot:

Invite the people you want to feature (chef, cooks, servers, bussers, bartender, host, owner, manager, patrons - you decide)

Optional: prepare a signature drink and/or dish to feature

Dress professionally (however you want to present yourself to the public)

Allow the photographer to be indoors and outdoors, and leave some space indoors near a window for some natural light if you’re including food and drinks in the shoot.

Decide if you want to be masked for all of the photos. We recommend masks for any group photos, but we’re happy to photograph individuals without masks, from a safe distance.

The photographer will stay masked for the duration.

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