White Sheet Sessions

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Prepare for a half day experience that will leave you feeling strong and sexy. 

Your day begins with professional hair styling and makeup application by my team.  Your favorite soundtrack will play while we pamper you.  You can hydrate with Pellegrino or sip a mimosa, whichever fits your mood best.

The photo shoot will be fun and easy, and we'll bring out everything that is beautiful in you.  You'll feel inspired and empowered.  You will definitely want to go out on the town that night, so go ahead and book your fancy dinner reservation now.

The experience alone is wonderful, but you'll also receive fine art prints to keep in a luxe Italian leather folio box.  You will never forget this, and you'll want to gift it to every woman you love.

"Cindy has a contagious ability to make people feel amazing in their skin. 

I felt it, and every one of her clients that I've spoken to has said the same thing."


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What I call a "white sheet session" is like a boudoir photo shoot, but different.  

I think it's a little different than traditional boudoir,  because the result will be sexy and sweet, but not at all "dirty."    We can get a very sultry look in a white sheet session by showing a lot of skin, but keeping the images very tasteful.              

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you have to be naked?  No - you'll be covered by a sheet, at a minimum, the entire time.  Keep your undies on.  You decide if you want to keep your bra on, if you want some lingerie, etc.  This is all about you being really comfortable in your skin.

Where does this happen?  In my home studio.

Do I need to get hair and makeup done?  Yes, for sure.  I can set it up for you.

Will the images be posted online?  Only very discreet ones, and only if you approve of them in advance.

Do my friends need to know?  Only if you want them to!  I will treat these sessions as confidential.  

Why would I want these photos taken?  Are you SERIOUS???  You want them for yourself to see how amazing you are.  You can gift them to lovers, sure, but these are really for you.  

Do I have to be young and skinny for this?  NO!  Curves are awesome, and this shoot is for ANY WOMAN.

How long are these sessions?  We typically allow an hour for hair and makeup, then the shooting time is 60-90 minutes.

Can I bring a friend?  Yes, of course. You can bring a friend for moral support, or you can bring a partner for a couples shoot.  Don't surprise me on that front, however!  Let's be sure to discuss it in advance if there will be anyone else in the sheets with you!

What does it cost?  Inquire for pricing.

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